Accessibility Showers

Encouraging Independence

Accessibility Showers are showers designed and optimized for those with limited mobility or those with special needs that may rely on a wheeled device. They are easy to enter and exit and include optimal positioning of necessary items such as shower controls and caddy areas. These items are designed to be accessible from both a seated or standing position.

They may also include a permanently installed shower seat (flip-up styles are available) or a portable seat. Grab bars ensure safety for balance and support. We offer a variety of configurable options and will help you design an Accessibility Shower system that best suits your needs! We also offer Walk-in Bathtubs

Accessibility Showers

Your accessibility shower’s entrance will be wide enough to allow for a wheelchair, walker, or wheeled shower chair to fit with ease. When we meet with you, we will help you design the perfect space for you or your loved ones’ specific needs. We will  take into account the mobility device being used and the limitations or ability to maneuver with the equipment while in the wetspace area.

A zero-threshold entrance is ideal for accessibility showers. This means the entrance to the shower is flush with the floor, allowing for smooth and easy transition in and out of the shower.

accessibility showers
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accessibility showers

Accessibility Accessories

Handheld and adjustable showerheads can greatly enhance a seated user’s ability to access the water and bathe independently. Some handheld showerhead models simply consist of a showerhead attached to the end of an adjustable hose. Others come attached to a vertical slide bar that gets fixed to the shower wall. The vertical bar is helpful for holding the showerhead while a bather is soaping and shampooing. The handheld slide bar also serves as a grab bar so you have a safe place to hold while bending or exiting/entering your shower.

Additional grab bars are optional. These can be strategically placed in your custom shower system based on your needs.

We will always install the shower controls so they are within easy reaching distance of the seat. 

Accessibility Shower Seating

Shower seats are available in several options which include chairs, wall-mounted with a flip-up option, and benches. With proper installation, wall-mounted shower seats are incredibly strong and stable.

Benches-style seating has a larger surface for sitting and allows for a convenient place for resting shower items close to you. If a stationary seat is not the best option, chairs and stools are available with or without castors. Our design specialists will help you choose the best option for your needs. 

Zero Profile Accessibility Shower
Accessibility Showers