In terms of square footage, your bathroom is going to be the most expensive room to remodel. This is primarily due to all the “behind the scenes” considerations professionals have to think about when planning the project, such as the complexity of the plumbing system and the moving parts throughout.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel that incorporates natural stone, the average cost for an upscale project could hike up to $40K. Thinking you may need to do a full demolition? For most people, this option is even further beyond their budget, with costs upwards of $52K.

Amid these dizzying numbers, RetroBath Makeover offers high-quality services and solutions that cost a small fraction of what traditional bathroom remodeling companies charge. Our remodeling projects start at only $7K, incorporating custom acrylic systems proven to look and last longer than alternative materials.

Nationwide, average remodeling costs can range between $2.5K to $50K, depending on the extent, quality and luxurious nature of the remodel. Without adding too many frills, custom and luxury work in large rooms can easily exceed $10K. In fact, high-end bathroom remodels average anywhere from $15K to $25K across the nation. Taking all these numbers into account, the approximate national average for a bathroom remodel is $20K.

This average accounts for the total breakdown of all bathroom remodeling cost, including the cost for fixtures, plumbing, demolition and labor. In any given bathroom remodeling budget, labor makes up approximately 20% of the overall cost and materials tend to account for the remaining 80%.

This total amount makes sense from the traditional remodeling company’s point-of-view. Hiring three employees to work full-time over two weeks at a competitive wage that includes overtime adds up to about $8.3K. Secondly, you have to account for materials, profit to the company owner and back-end expenses for standard operating costs like advertising and legal services. In total sum, all these costs amount to about $20K.

At RetroBath Makeover, this is precisely why we’ve put such an emphasis on speed and using cost-effective materials. Our use of affordable, high-quality materials and the swift pace of our remodels enable us to keep your quoted overall cost lower than competitors. Our remodels sell themselves, eliminating the need for expensive marketing gimmicks or a focus on anything other than giving you the best bathroom remodel money can buy.

The most significant factor that will affect pricing is the extent to which you plan to alter the floor plan by moving around elements like vanities or toilets. If you plan to convert a half bath to a full bath, change the overall layout or relocate plumbing fixtures, this will have the most significant impact on your bathroom remodeling costs.

All these numbers may leave you wondering, “How much is my unique bathroom remodel going to cost me?” and the only honest answer out there is, “It depends.” In other words, are you remodeling a guest bath, powder room or master bathroom? Are you having small components replaced or planning a complete renovation that will require destroying previous structures? All these factors will influence the price based on your unique situation and preferences.

general guideline that often serves useful to many homeowners considering a remodel is the 5-10% rule. This rule is based on the idea that your bathroom remodel should be about 5-10% of your home’s total value. For instance, the average value of a home in New Jersey is $328,200. If you lived in a house of this value, you could expect your bathroom remodel costs to be between $16,410 and $32,820.

If you can track down a better quote for a project of the same caliber, we’ll match it and give you $100 for helping us offer the best value on the market! At RetroBath Makeover, we depend on our glowing reviews from real customers on HomeAdvisor and empower our customers with all the information and guarantees they need.

No matter what bathroom remodeling dream you have in mind, you don’t want the end result to look dull and boring like a hospital commode. You want to ensure a sleek, modern appearance with a touch of fashionable flair throughout.

You can enjoy the look and feel of materials like tile and natural stone without the prohibitive cost and porous surfaces, which create a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Some of our premium options will beautify and modernize your bathroom without breaking the bank, such as our luxury showerheads.

RetroBath Makeover specializes in tub-to-shower conversions and accessible showers for seniors and anyone with limited mobility. Materials are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. Get an itemized cost breakdown, customized to your needs and vision. Call now or click here for a free in-home estimate! 908.437.8289