New Jersey Homeowners considering a bathroom remodel often want to feel more comfortable in their own living space while increasing their home’s resale value. Others may be landlords leasing their properties for rent or Airbnb hosts who occasionally make space available to guests. Whatever your reason for remodeling your bathroom, you’ll want to ensure the investment pays for itself by increasing the value of your home or property.

Simple upgrades to your bathroom like adding a backsplash or changing small fixtures can be great DIY projects that might make you feel more at home. However, most worthwhile bathroom upgrades will require you to tear out walls and move existing plumbing. This is best left to professional installers.

If you’ve experienced issues like plumbing failures or mold damage in your bathroom, a remodel will not only substantially boost your resale value, but also protect you from health hazards and unnecessarily expensive repairs down the road.

Significant home remodeling projects in the Mid-Atlantic area can increase your home’s value by tens of thousands of dollars! Of course, those projects can also cost just as much, making it important to find the right balance between quality and value. Most remodeling projects allow you to recuperate more than half the cost, but a bathroom remodel in the Mid-Atlantic can recuperate the highest percentage for the least amount of cost among substantial remodeling projects.

For instance, anything more than a minor kitchen remodel costs an average of $67K to $133K. Bathroom remodels tend to cost about half that amount ($21K for a midrange bathroom to $66K for an upscale one) while yielding the same return on investment, recouping up to 58% of expense in resale value. If you’re considering taking on remodeling projects in your home, the bathroom is a great place to start!

Now, it’s time to make a decision. Do you choose to go with a traditional bathroom remodel or opt for a 1-Day Bath installation? Let’s go over the pros and cons of a traditional remodel:

  • Resurfacing, Fiberglass & Retiling (Cost: $500 – $12,000)
    • Pros:
      • Temporarily looks good when brand-new
      • Retiling offers a wide selection
      • Fiberglass and resurfacing can be installed in about a day
    • Cons:
      • While resurfacing is incredibly cheap, it exposes your home to hazardous chemicals and quickly loses its clean and fresh appearance
      • Porous fiberglass and retiling surface lead to water penetration and deterioration, attracting mold and mildew
      • Erodes quickly and will soon need to be resurfaced yet again
      • Fiberglass Gelcoat breaks down over time
      • Retile grout is porous
      • Retile requires extensive maintenance
    • Natural Stone (Cost: $10,000 – $40,000)
      • Pros:
        • Looks great for a little while
        • There’s a wide selection of stone to choose from
      • Cons:
        • Very expensive
        • The surface is porous, requiring maintenance and sealing
        • After spending all that money, the base of the shower and tub still need remodeling
      • Full Demolition (Cost: $10,000 – $52,000)
        • Pros:
          • Opens you to many options
        • Cons:
          • Extremely expensive, exposing you to risk of change orders and cost overruns
          • Inconvenient, messy, noisy and time-consuming

Disrupts your life, leaving you without a bathroom for an extended period

Now let’s look at a Custom Acrylic Bath System (Cost: starting at $7,000)

When you choose RetroBath Makeover, you’re guaranteed to pay for high-quality work at a fraction of the cost and recoup the highest percentage possible for the project you have in mind. We offer a price-match guarantee paired with a labor and lifetime warranty to reassure the highest quality standards and professionalism. If you find a better quote for the same quality work, we’ll happily match their price and give you $100 for your trouble!

For a fraction of the price and time of traditional projects, we’ve been making bathroom remodel dreams come true for residents all over the great state of NJ. Our ability to take care of all the heavy lifting and planning makes it a painless and satisfying process for our customers.

We can tackle anything from tub-to-shower conversions to full bathroom remodels, incorporating luxurious features and modern, universal design elements that accommodate all interior design styles. We also offer walk-in tubs and handicap accessible options for seniors or those with limited mobility. Call us today to see how RetroBath Makeover can increase the value of your home!

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